The Australian Business Insider gives us a snapshot of Leila Lowndes book, " How to Talk to Anyone".  It's an oldie, yet still rings true.  Leila, painfully shy well into adulthood became a professional public speaker as she vowed to get over her fear of communicating. 

Of the 92 Communicating Tricks in her book,  Maggie Zhang, of ABI elaborates on 7 body languages from Leila's book.

7 body language tricks to make anyone instantly like you

There's no question that body language is important. And, according to Leil Lowndes in her book "How To Talk To Anyone," you can capture - and hold - anyone's attention without even saying a word. We've selected the best body language techniques from the book and shared them below: "Don't flash an immediate smile when you greet someone," says Lowndes.