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A Man's Perspective

A Man's Perspective

I came across the below article written by a JP Mikal. He touches on his life as a stay at home father and husband. Well educated as he is, he and his wife came to the realization that between them,  his wife garnerned a higher income. It was financially beneficial for JP to stay at home with the kids, while his wife continued to flourish in her career. 

She, like many women wanted the attention of having a man cater to her for a night.  Take her out on the town every now and then. It had become a nuisance in a sense for him to hear his wife's complaints because he too wanted to be "Wined and Dined" as he put it.

In reading his article, I thought how easy it is to overlook the needs of your partner. It's not that its purposeful, life just tends to move almost at rapid speed, especially when you have a family to attend to everyday with no days off.  Although the non purposeful  overlooking carries on day after day, all of a sudden it becomes a purposeful disregard of your partners needs, and an overwhelming sense of your own that have gone ignored and unnurtured. Ugh...and the frustration festers and grows weary. 

How easy it is to forget to encourage your partner in their goals, in their career, and to truly notice them everyday, not for their faults or the routine you've grown accustomed but to actually touch on their wants and needs.  It's a challenge but it's certainly worthy of letting your partner know what you need out of the relationship often so that the two of you are growing together. And so that one day you don't wake up asking yourself "Who am I?" and "Who's this person I'm sleeping beside?" and "Why am I here, with you?" .

Sweep Him Off His Feet! -

It had been bothering me for awhile now. Something she would say late in the evenings after the kids had gone to bed, or while taking a stroll with the family on the weekends when the baby was quiet and the other kids were chatting away about nothing in particular.