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#1.   shirts are highly encouraged!

Although women find a man's physique with nicely sculpted abs lovely to glance at.  There is usually a reason for it,  and in the online case, it's the obscene reason when a strange man has taken a selfie of himself awkwardly glaring in a mirror, bare chest staring back proudly as it may,  a woman's first thought destined to come to mind, even after an appreciative grin is “Tool”.    

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I know this may come as a surprise to some. But we humans don't typically meet each other bare-chested.  Online dating is already unfamiliar and awkward, why enhance that awkwardness?


#2. lazy Profile 

So... get this you are a good looking guy,  even if it's an awkward good looking, you enjoy attending Football games or binge-watching Netflix, your friends find you remotely funny or maybe they find you weird, you love the game chess, and on Saturday’s you volunteer or perhaps you spend your weekends doing nothing.  Whatever it is, let your profile speak to who you are and to a potential date. It's important that you paint a picture,   it doesn’t have to be long-winded(actually we'd very much prefer it never be long winded) but it should be informative,  confident and charismatic.

Women are not the visual creatures to the extent men are, more than “Ask Me” written on your profile, which will surely bore a woman to tears, and have her quickly swipe left.  Just think of the endless back and forth emails:( Even if you're a drop-dead gorgeous man, "the one" could be passing you by.  A well-written profile will allow for a woman to ask questions based on its content.  This will gauge whether there is an interest or any commonalities.  To make it easier remove your ego from the game, and get in the game! 


#3. no one-liners. get to the point.

Hey. Hi. What’s Up?  Sexy.... How u doin'? How’s your day going?

If you want a woman’s attention and a reply,  show her that you read her profile and that you have a genuine interest in getting to know her.  

Hello, my name is Ron and I enjoyed reading your profile. I see your favorite season is Winter because you enjoy the crisp air. Do you also enjoy skiing? I’ve been wanting to learn for years now, maybe we could learn together? I'd be honored if you read my profile. If after reading it, you find yourself interested please message me back. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Keep it simple, quirky, a little corny is fine. The art of romance is slowly dying; however, women still love for a man to take control. Hi, how's your day going? And the back and forth that is likely to proceed can be very time-consuming and mindless.   Spark the interest, wait for the reply, if it's good, ask her out for coffee.  If it's not good,  humbly write it off as a loss and find your next catch! 

#4.  who's that lady in your photo?

You look great in that photo, but who's that woman you have your arm wrapped around? Is she your ex-girlfriend that you're clearly not over, or perhaps your current!? Geesh...  When it comes to profile pics, even if it's with your sister, a friend, or a cousin the best profile photos are up close and SOLO.  Why leave it to chance and be swiped left?  

#5. be a gentleman

Women like gracious, humble, and sane men. Don't go all Ike Turner on an email if a woman doesn't respond to you at all or in the way you expected. Also unless you are on a site that promotes sexual encounters it's highly inappropriate to make sexual innuendos to women online.  

Men I hope after reading this you have been able to make some adjustments and if you found yourself reading this thinking you've been doing it right this whole time, congratulations you are well on your way to finding the one!