why a dating service?

At the end of the day many of us want to find someone that they can laugh and stay still with for awhile, more often that realization has not presented itself soon enough. We're more than a dating service, we are love gurus, passionate about finding you love. 

what areas do we service?

Philadelphia, its surrounding Montgomery, Bucks, and Delaware counties, South New Jersey and Delaware.  

WHO IS A Client?

Our clients are single, proactive, professional, love seeking individuals who obtain and pay for our service. We work closely with our clients to find them dates with whom they'll have the greatest potential with romantically and for a lifetime. 


Prices vary depending on the service you'd prefer. Please check out our plans here > Plans

Who is a member?

Member’s are prospective dates for our clients, who are seriously looking for love.  We search for prospective dates from Delaware, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania.  All members have undergone a background check.

Is there a fee for members?

Members are free to join, while there is a one time background check fee that must be paid before being approved to become an active member. The cost is $35. 

are memberships ongoing?

No, Memberships are reviewed and renewed annually but will NOT be automatically renewed or billed,  as relationship status, residence, and needs in a mate may change so you must manually renew. 

Do we perform background checks?

Yes, we do. A criminal background check is conducted via a 3rd party for both members and clients. And is $35. 

who do we consider single?

We define single as being Divorced, Widowed, or Single. Please do not apply if you are separated from your spouse even if legally separated, as you do not qualify.

When would we meet?

We schedule meetings with Clients within 72hrs of joining Fate By Design, LLC.  And we meet our Members during events we host, or once they become a match for a Client.  

Why do we have to meet in person, can a video do?

No,  meetings are essential.  Our purpose is to get to know you, and to get a clear scope of your wants and needs.  All clients and members must meet in person before they are eligible to go on any dates. Video chats for the initial meet will not be acceptable. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.  


No, we do not and will not sale your personal information and will not share you personal information to a 3rd party, unless you have been made aware of and specifically have agreed to.

Am I entitled a refund?

You are entitled a refund only in the following scenarios:

  • You will have 2 days to review your contract after joining, if by 11:59pm EST on the 2nd day, you have sent us an email or fax indicating to "Please cancel your contract", we'll fully refund your contract price within 48hrs, **processing times may vary.

  • If we cancel your plan for any reason we deem fit, and you have NOT violated your contract in any way, you will be refunded on a prorated basis.

  • You are entitled a refund for no more than 30 days, if you cancel by the 5th day of the 4th month on your 6 month plan. Just remember 5/4. For example: If your contract ends June 25, 20**, you must cancel no later than April 5, 20**. In this example you began your contract in December, so the 4th month is April, we'd continue to work with you up until the 5th month thru May 25, 20**.

Do I need to set up an online profile?

No, there are no online profiles to be set up.  Your profile is private and can only be viewed by Fate By Design staff. 

WHERE is your office LOCATED?

We are located at 1700 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19103 


is there a certain age i should be? 

We ask that our clients, and members be at least 24 years of age.  As far as a max age limit... well there is no age limit that we have deemed love is no longer feasible. 

what about Third parties?

We work with a variety of 3rd parties for the benefit of our clients and members.   Proprietary information and email will not be shared unless you've agreed to.

How are dates arranged? 

Dates are blind.  This means that a picture will not be shared between members and clients.  Don't worry, we meet with you to understand your laws of attraction and match you to those we believe are a fit. We can arrange for your dates, the location and time so that the guessing and back and forth go out the door.  You'll also receive a complete run down on your date, so that you'll be prepared to engage in conversation.    


We do not sale your personal information. nor do we share your information with an outside party unless you have been advised and specifically agreed to.  Please read our privacy notice for further detail. 

How many dates should i expect?

We can not guarantee how many qualified singles we'll be able to match you with and will not seek to set you up with someone who we know is not a good match.  We'll work diligently to find you quality matches and will continue until your contract has ended or you have found "The One".  In hindsight there is no limitation on how many dates you are set up on during your contract period.


Great question! Here’s the thing. Not all of us are photogenic, some of us take horrible photos’s. It just is what it is, and no picture can truly capture who you are. Let us be the lens and trust that we’ve got your back and finding the person you’re meant to be with.


We'd love to get your question answered, please send us an email or give us a call.
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